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bert leveille's FINAL VAULT ART INSTALLATION now through Dec 27, 2020 at the Old CourtHouse Arts Center
"synapse" – As It Happens
Visit this web page – LEVEILLE, HEX & MAY
(Collaboration with Atrocious Poets – "As It Happens" – art and art process with poetry.)

This is the last exhibit in this vault - the gallery is closing :(

USA COVID DEATHS as of 10/31/2020 12:32 PM 229,109 PEOPLE
My heart goes out to their families.

As an artist I have explored the universality of the human figure – the commonalities of our nature; the expanse of our souls; the oneness of our being; the mindfulness of our spirit. I have thus referred to my figures as mindful beings, acknowledging that we are all one and the same.


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