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bert leveille "Bridging the Millennium"
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bert leveille ARTIST STATEMENT for "Bridging the Millennium"

The value of seeing other perspectives, visions, points of view and stirring the imagination is immeasurable. It can lead to a better connection to our selves, to each other, to our world and to the universe. I strive to do this for myself as well as the viewer.

The uniqueness of the Accelerator Art Space inspired “Bridging The Millennium” an art exhibit that further explores my “alternate” world. It includes large acrylic canvases, smaller oils, sculptures, and digital paintings.

The exhibition space for “Bridging the Millennium” bridges the technology of the last century with the discoveries of this century. The space embodies one of the original atom splitters of the mid 20th century.

The painting “Amber Bridge” alludes Amber which is approximately 30-90 million years old and may hold life forms from the past, but of more import may lead to significant scientific discovery for the future. Reviving ancient microbes found in the amber could lead to replacing ineffective antibiotics and studying ancient revived bacteria may further our understanding of evolution. Amber is fossilized resin from ancient forests and I live and work in a contemporary forest. This painting also bridges some of my older paintings from the last century with my newer works from this century and looks towards works to come. The “alternate” world discovered in my work bridges a timeless reality as scientific research bridges a cosmic reality. It could be that my “alternate” world is “really” a world embodied in amber!



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