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2017 August featured artist exhibit at Starline

dennis caravello playing "In to the Mystic during event "

exhibit check before event

I am exploring consciousness.

I am presenting mindful beings, who could be, but, are not necessarily human. Mindful beings have the same challenges, fears, emotions, desires, pain, joy, uncertainty, disappointments, surprises... as different as we see ourselves we are the same.

I use my Starline studio upstairs – 204F as an incubation, installation, experimentation, exhibition studio. In my studio you can be the first to see my installation ideas. Perhaps, you saw my white panels with colored back lighting; my clear panels; my experiments in painting with light; my experiments in video and animation.

I strive for the viewer of my art to feel as though they have entered the art – which is perhaps a universal world or an internally vast world
at the heart of our souls.


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