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Studio: 204F, Starline Studios, Harvard, IL;
Phone: 708-309-3333
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1123, Woodstock, IL 60098
Website: www.bertleveille.com; Email: bert@bertleveille.com

Bert Leveille has an incubation, experimentation, installation, exhibition studio offering an art experience to visitors during 4th Fridays at Starline Studios in Harvard, IL. In addition to her solo art installations she plays an active role in art groups offering communication support and assisting in show development and execution. Born in 1949 in Elmhurst, IL, Leveille currently resides in McHenry County, IL

2020 "As It Happens" – "Synapse", vault installation and on-line video with Annie Hex and Jen May for Atrocious Poet’s; Old Courthouse Arts Center (OCHAC), Woodstock, IL.
2015 "Exploring Relationships/Remembering 9/11", installation with sculptor Angela Swan, Sheriff’s House, Woodstock IL.
1992 "Tunnel" – art and dance performance with Shawn Coyle, choreographer:
• Chopin At The Gallery Theater, Around the Coyote (ATC), Chicago, IL.
• Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg, IL.
• Bubotto, Elgin, IL.

2020 "Ocular Fracture", installation; E*(E-artgroup), OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2019 "Streaming Reflections", front gallery installation, back gallery paintings; Curator, Caren Helene Rudman; The Art Center Highland Park (TACHP), Highland Park, IL.
2019 "Streaming Reflections" – Crossover", main gallery installation; "Streaming Reflections – Connecting", upstairs gallery installation; Curator, John DePinto, Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL.
2019 "Crossover Bridge" installation, OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2018 "Streaming Reflections", installation; OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2018 "Nano Waves" installation; Wabi Sabi Gallery, Idaho.
2017 "Exploring Consciousness" installation; Starline Gallery, Harvard, IL.
2017 "Listen To Colour – Colour Voyage" installation; OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2017 "Imagine", installation; Art Prize – Harris Building, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
2016 "the END is the beginning" storefront installation; Curator, Elizabeth Chappell, Lake Geneva Art Museum; Lake Geneva, WI.
2015 "the END is the beginning" installation; OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2015 "Connecting" installation; Starline Gallery, Harvard, IL.
2004 "Bridging The Millennium" installation; Accelerator Art Space Gallery, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL.
1992 "Totally Tubular" installation Schaumburg Prairie Center For the Arts, Schaumburg, IL.
1992 "untitled" installation; "America In Flux" – Elgin Art Expo; Elgin, IL.

2022 "4th Friday Art Exhibition"; Dole Gallery, Crystal Lake, IL.
2022 "Best of Women"; CWCA; Stolla Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL.
2022 "Winter Exhibition 2022quot;; Chicago Alliance For Visual Artists; Peabody Mansion, OakBrook, IL.
2020 "XrE*al"; E* (E–Artgroup); OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2019 "E*Bridges"; E* (E–Artgroup); OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2018 "Women Of Courage"; Curator, Caren Helene Rudman; TACHP, Highland Park, IL.
2018 "#NakedTruth"; Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art (CWCA); OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2018 "Electron Salon"; Curator, Rex Bruce; LACDA Los Angeles Cntr for Digital Art, LA, CA.
2017 "Undefineable: Women’s Health In America"; Curator, Caren Helene Rudman; Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL.
2017 "Layered"; Curator, Sergio Gomez; ZhouB Art Center, Chicago, IL.
2017 "Unpresidented"; Fulton Street Collective Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2017 "Transmogrifications"; CWCA; Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL.
2017 "Listen"; E-artgroup; OCHAC, Woodstock IL.
2016 "13th Regional Exhibition"; Juror, Sergio Gomez; Freeport Art Museum, Freeport, IL.
2016 "Women’s Works"; Juried; OCHAC, Woodstock IL.
2016 "Connections"; CWCA; Mayslake Peabody Mansion, Oak Brook, IL.

2021– (since 2009) CWCA (Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art): Exhibition Facilitation and Planning; Exhibition and Logo Graphics; Web Graphics and Design; Catalog Design and Production; initiated the use of ZOOM – pre-COVID 19 to facilitate meetings, during COVID 19 to connect CWCA artists, and host artist presentations, record and share on VIMEO; exhibiting artist.
– CWCA is a chapter of WCA (the national Women's Caucus for Art). The mission of the WCA is to expand opportunities and recognition for women in the arts. The CWCA works to advance the concerns of women artists, art historians and museum professionals. Its goals are consistent with the policies of the national WCA.
2021– (since 2007) E* (E–Artgroup): Exhibition Facilitation, Artist Selection and Planning; Exhibition and Logo Graphics; Web Graphics and Design; Catalog Design and Production, initiated ZOOM meetings to plan and connect; created an on-line presence for our physical exhibition XrEal during COVID 19; exhibiting artist.
– E* (E–Artgroup) is an eclectic group of professional artists dedicated to exhibiting and growing artistically – planning and presenting exhibitions since 2007 throughout the Chicago area.
2019 Artist talks to Stevenson HS students, teachers and parents during Artist Of The Month Residency concurrent with two gallery art installations exhibitions.
2018 Presentation on Installation Art and Workshops – Community Unit School District 300; Starline, Bert Leveille’s incubation, experimentation, installation, exhibition studio – 204F, Harvard, IL.
2017 Presentation on Installation Art – McHenry County HS students; Starline, Bert Leveille’s incubation, experimentation, installation, exhibition studio – 204F.
2016 Juror for “Fearless”, E-artgroup 2016 national juried exhibition with catalog; catalog design; OCHAC, Woodstock, IL.
2005 Presentation on Installation Art and Workshops – Elgin Academy, Elgin, IL.
1992– 1995 BUBOTTO: Played a role in developing salon style exhibits including artists of all skill levels and career stages. These became cultural events including music, dance, poetry, theater... . Procured funding from the Elgin Cultural Commission. – BUBOTTO was an all inclusive salon style exhibition community group dedicated to give all artistsan opportunity to share their art.

2022 Dole Gallery 4th Friday; Best of Show – Solo Exhibit Award; Crystal Lake, IL.
2019 Residency, Artist of the Month, Curator – John DePinto, Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL.
2016 Starline Gallery 4th Friday; Best of Show – Solo Exhibit Award; Harvard, IL.
2014 Starline Gallery 4th Friday; Best of Show – Solo Exhibit Award; Harvard, IL.
1995 Cultural Arts Commission; Award for the Arts; Elgin, IL.
1990 "Chicago Show"; Jurors: Neal Benezra, Kenneth Burkhart, Marva Pitchford Jolly, Paul Sierra and, Lynne Warren; Chicago Show sponsor, Continental Bank award for art to be used on the Exhibition poster; Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL.
1988 Nominated for Margaret Hillis Award for the Arts.

Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts – "Field of Vision" semi–permanent loan.
Elgin Community College Collection.
Elmhurst College Permanent Collection – first student art purchased by college.

2021 Review by Lori Waxman 2021–01–19, Newcityart, 60wrd/min COVID Edition – Bert Leveille, “synapse”.
2019 Essay by Ann Landy – Bert Leveille, "streaming reflections".
2019 Curator’s Statement by Caren Helene Rudman – Bert Leveille, "streaming reflections".
2017 "Transmogrification" catalog, Photograph and statement, Elmhurst Museum Guild Gallery, Elmhurst, IL, CWCA.
2016 "Connections" catalog, Photograph and statement, Mayslake Peabody Exhibition Space, Oakbrook, IL, CWCA.
2015 "Connecting" catalog, Photographs, statement and essay, “Human Nebulae” by B David Zarley, Starline Gallery, Harvard, IL, leAD design.
2015 "Beyond the Studio" catalog, Photographs, North Shore Senior Center Gallery, Northfield, IL, CWCA.

Software: Photoshop, Animate, Illustrator, In–Design, Acrobat; Final Cut Pro; Garageband; Numerous software and photography seminars and on–line classes including Cinema 4D, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects.
2005 Northern Illinois University, Graduate Studies, Art.
1971 Elmhurst College, BA – Art.

• CWCA, Officer – Media Coordinator; Exhibition Committee – Chicago, IL.
• Founding Member of E* (E–Artgroup) – McHenry County, IL.
• Past Commissioner on the Elgin Cultural Commission – Elgin, IL.
• Past Board Member of Contemporary Arts of Arlington – Arlington Heights, IL.
• Founding Member and Past Board Member of Bubotto – Elgin, IL.