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• Bert Leveille your work always holds my eye, just lovely and intriguing and yet warm and hopeful!
• I always get a lovely ethereal mystical magical feel from your work Bert Leveille!
• my dreams – nightmares
• walking in to another place

"synapse" – As It Happens exhibition:
• Only one word to use for it - mesmerizing!
• It's really impressive
• Fantastic
• Your work is fascinating to watch as the colors change and reflect.  It's calming, you know?  Which is in direct contrast to the content of the poetry.
• And that last word "stop" – WOW

"nano waves" and "exploring consciousness" – "streaming reflections" exhibitions:
• kinda like a visual mantra
• the dancers move when the light changes
• puppets falling and floating
• deepening dreams
• such lively figures, seem to leap off the wall!
• love the fluidity of your art!
• were you influenced by Giacometti?
• this moved my soul
• unbelievable art!
• love the energy and life in your work
• movement connects us all
• this just destressed day

"connecting" exhibition:
• I didn't think I would tear up - but I did and tearing up again talking to you.
• I see my entire family up in that corner.

"the END is the beginning" exhibit:
• it seems to me that images that are still can make us realize the movement. human beings may achieve and transcend limits imposed on them by solid form. - thank you
• I love, love, love it...
• unique & intriguing. great use of line & color
• a line is never ending - amazing work
• fascinating ...
• I really love the purpose behind your artwork, to have people reflect on their relationship with the world.
• Love the motion
• Wow
• truly beautiful, I was immersed into another world, gorgeous!
• life changing stuff
• fantastic use of imagery and stagnity
• Super cool! I feel like there's a feeling but i can't put it into words
• unnerving in the best way
• amazing...
• I'm unsure... but I like it
• Truly out of this world experience
• ... made me feel almost like I was losing my sense of reality
• mezmorizing! I love it. I could spend hours in here.
• it makes me happy to be in here
• inspiring
• most excellent
• that is 'Different'


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