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installation at OCHAC - The Old CourtHouse Arts Center, Woodstock, Illinois

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bert leveille ARTIST STATEMENT for "streaming reflections" at TAC

This installation begins with abstraction and light with the intent to give the viewer a reflective space to walk into. The vault is approximately 9ft x 13ft — although large for a vault, a rather small space for an installation. I am striving to expand the experience beyond the confines of the concrete and steel walls by accessing reflections — referring to the subliminal and obvious, the external and internal.

I desire to give one a space for reflection and connection – a place where one can enter a stream of consciousness. The history and age of the building provides a stage and perhaps a connection to reflections of the past, present and future. My hope is that this installation is the beginning of a journey into streaming consciousness reflecting and expanding with each individual’s experience in and out of the vault.

The changing colored lighting alters the visible elements and the mood of the art. By incorporating and overlapping elements from past installations,
I continue a cohesive exploration into and reflective of consciousness.
Each installation is site specific. This is my second creative journey in this vault. It is similar to taking a painted canvas and painting over it – starting once again with a blank canvas – the canvas/space is the same, but the painting/installation is different.

As I paint and gather materials, I connect to consciousness and reflect on myself and my world as I perceive it – question and explore thought, and my connection to a greater consciousness. I see myself as a conduit as data filters through me. The happenings in the vault stream to a tv screen outside the vault reflecting and expanding inner spaces with outer spaces; expanding the concept
of streaming and reflecting.



I imagine that nano waves stream. They intertwine,
connect, affect, change and create this universe
we exist in; that every nano action, reaction,
decision, thought, reflection and movement creates
waves that are more powerful than intended or
imagined. My work is intended to create a ripple
— a reflection of thought, of consciousness, of
connection, of inspiration, of action. I believe that
as mindful beings: we are all more alike than not;
we are all connected to the greater universe and
to consciousness; and that our very existence
empowers us.


I am exploring consciousness. These mindful beings, who could be, but are not necessarily, human — with the same challenges, emotions, desires, pain, uncertainty, disappointments and victories… I see them more like me than not, you more like me than not; and my reality more connected to the greater universe than not. These mindful beings therefore reflect me — I reflect them and our consciousness together streams throughout the universe.





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