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COVID 19 has interrupted — one might even say sabotaged our lives.
That is true for many artists also.
I’d like to share some of my experiences working thru these times.

Stories about individual paintings — new and old.
Stories about my art journey.

More about my art and exhibits on my website:

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starline 4th fridays at bert leveille’s studio will be closed during covid19

You will not want to miss the last BERT LEVEILLE art installation, “synapse” in the small vault at the Old CourtHouse Arts Center (OCHAC) in Woodstock, IL thru December. LEVEILLE delivers another meditative experience and journey into consciousness. As you approach the vault, while you may not be able to enter the installation; your mind might take you through the glass and into the vault.

LEVEILLE is one of the artists collaborating with Atrocious Poets, “As It Happens” – a unique art exhibition pairing visual art and its process with poetry. Poets ANNIE HEX and JEN MAY are collaborating with BERT LEVEILLE. Looking through their poems displayed on the plexiglass enriches and expands this multi- disciplinary experience.

If you do not want to physically enter the gallery you can see video of the installation with spoken poems and the process by the myself and the poets at:

You can also view the movie, checkout photos & info about the installation, bios, statements, press, comments… at:

about bert leveille

A passion for finding images in clouds as a child began my lifelong art journey? My BA from Elmhurst College derailed my acting career, but, a new love of the smell of greasepaint, and stage environments were telltale signs of “alternative” world-like artwork and art installations.

Collaborations with musicians and performers; dancers playing with my 3-D creatures and dancing thru my 15-foot art tunnel; large-scale paintings; color changing LED lighting; animation and video — all contributing to the illusion of movement; enhancing the installation experiences, and encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in the art.

I have an extensive list of solo and juried group art exhibitions, and a not-to-miss studio during 4th Fridays at Starline in Harvard. As an exhibiting member of E* (formerly E-artgroup), I play an active role in show development and guest artist selections. I am a board member, on the exhibit committee and graphic designer of Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art.

I continue to experiment with installation in my “incubation, installation, exhibition, experimentation studio” at Starline in Harvard, Illinois. In addition, I am working on a series of 3′ x 3′ canvases exploring the tunnel, ellipse, vortex… trying to get inside – to see what I cannot see.

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“synapse” art installation will be at the Old CourtHouse Arts Center (OCHAC)thru December

My art installations are nothing new to OCHAC. “In To the Ellipse” was in this same small vault in 2014. I created “Listen to Colour – Colour Voyage” in the large vault in 2017. In 2018, “Streaming Reflections” extended from the large vault into the adjacent gallery. A large gallery installation, “the END is the Beginning”, was …