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4th fridays at leveille’s studio every month except September, November and December

Artist reception Friday August 9, 2019, 6-9pm. (Sat, August 31 is the last day to cross over my art bridge.)
E*Bridge*s group exhibition at Old CourtHouse Art Center (OCHAC).

about bert leveille

A passion for finding images in clouds as a child began my lifelong art journey? My BA from Elmhurst College derailed my acting career, but, a new love of the smell of greasepaint, and stage environments were telltale signs of “alternative” world-like artwork and art installations.

Collaborations with musicians and performers; dancers playing with my 3-D creatures and dancing thru my 15-foot art tunnel; large-scale paintings; color changing LED lighting; animation and video — all contributing to the illusion of movement; enhancing the installation experiences, and encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in the art.

I have an extensive list of solo and juried group art exhibitions, and a not-to-miss studio during 4th Fridays at Starline in Harvard. As an exhibiting member of E* (formerly E-artgroup), I play an active role in show development and guest artist selections. I am a board member, on the exhibit committee and graphic designer of Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art.

I continue to experiment with installation in my “incubation, installation, exhibition, experimentation studio” at Starline in Harvard, Illinois. In addition, I am working on a series of 3′ x 3′ canvases exploring the tunnel, ellipse, vortex… trying to get inside – to see what I cannot see.

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E – Bridge*s

My concept for my art bridge for the Bridge*s exhibit began when I started my crossover series debuted at TAC – The Art Center, Highland Park.   In the first crossover painting – a 22×10 foot acrylic painting with LED lighting – I contemplated whether my mindful beings were crossing over a wall, a prison, …


I marvel at the things I can do now that I took for granted before my health issues; and I am starting to take for granted again. Simple things – like standing while dressing, and going up and down stairs effortlessly, and laying on my right side. I will probably never be able to do …