overcoming challenges

So, as I  am sharing my art adventure with you, here is what happened. I’m thinking the sciatica is healing, and I’m starting to paint on my large painting … and, another mishap … I tripped over my laptop chord, smashed my nose into my face, crumpled my neck and body like an accordion, twisted my ankle and broke my foot. Ouch.

So my painting is again delayed. I did however test the lighting for these 4 — 8ft x 4ft paintings that are going to be at Wabi Sabi gallery in Twin Falls for “Art & Soul. I managed to pack and ship them. They are on their way. YAY!

So, being an artist is more than playing with paint – it includes dealing with adversities and life, handling the details, doing not so fun grunt work — but getting it done, so we can share it with you and/or those that want to see/experience it.

I was so grateful when I got this boot so I could put weight on my foot and walk — NOW, I want it gone! Ahh, the luckier we are the more we want. Happy walking, everyone!

My boot painted in the spirit of Nano Waves!
Nano waves detail light effect testing before packing
Nano waves light effect testing before packing

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