weather can thwart your plans!

The boot is gone — yay!
Not trusting the weather for travel, I decided to send my art and my lights to Wabi Sabi gallery in Twin Falls, Idaho for Art & Soul! But, I had hoped to drive there at some point!

Nano waves without lighting
hung without the lighting installed
Some details of the lighting before packing  
loving the lighting
taking it down 🙁
canvas wrapped on this styrofoam tube then inserted into the PVC tube

I hoped to drive to Wabi Sabi in Twin Falls, Idaho for the gallery’s event this Saturday, BUT the weather decided to ice and snow – we needed 3 days to drive and the weather did not cooperate. We travelled to Salt Lake City years back and on April 28 we were the last car allowed to proceed up the mountain road before the officer closed the gate. We fortunately were able to get off the road and find a motel. It was quite an adventure, and not one we really wanted to repeat. So, now i guess I will spend extra time rehabbing my back and now my foot. Gotta look on the bright side. And, maybe I’ll get to my 10 x 12 foot. But, I am missing the show.

My deer are happy I am still here — well… maybe.

My deer wondering why I am still her — laughing at me?

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