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My concept for my art bridge for the Bridge*s exhibit began when I started my crossover series debuted at TAC – The Art Center, Highland Park.  IMGP3426crossover
In the first crossover painting – a 22×10 foot acrylic painting with LED lighting – I contemplated whether my mindful beings were crossing over a wall, a prison, an impossible situation, a personal haunting, a mind that won’t give them rest…? Are they making it, surviving, succeeding, rejoicing…? My life experience is filtered through me — surrounds me as I paint. I cannot escape the realities of children being separated from their parents, human beings treated lesser because they are unfamiliar (Are we not the same?). Are they crossing over? Are we crossing over? Is our society crossing over?

Preparing for Bridge*s, I felt compelled to go literal and build a bridge (not a wall).

The recent massacre in El Paso once again reminds me that we are all the same. The Bridge*s exhibit opens Friday, August 9th at the Old Courthouse Arts Center in Woodstock, Illinois, while families and communities in Texas and Ohio are reeling with grief. This exhibit includes art that addresses humanity. I will be thinking of those who have just suffered this horrific loss.

On a personal note, too many good friends have “crossed over”. Whether bridging life and life beyond, a change in careers, a life challenge or situation, or crossing over to a new city, state or country; or just to the other side … whether a literal or metaphoric bridge … it may take courage, conviction and a leap of faith; or it may simply offer a new perspective.

Here is how my art bridge started
– a simple bridge symbolizing a complicated passage.
IMG_2983layers of silver paintIMG_2985simple piers to support the bridgeIMG_2986adding colorIMG_2994laying the foundation and assembling the bridge (thank you, Patrick)IMG_2997ready for installation art IMG_2999

Please join myself and the other Bridge*s artists Friday night.
Cross over my art bridge!
For more info about the exhibition visit:
http://e-artgroup.com/exhibits_Bridges.htmlIMG_0561Thank you, Vicki Senn for this photo and the top photo.
Vicki and I (E* artists) curated this exhibit.
It is the second exhibition of E*, formerly E-artgroup.

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