Ready to tackle the big one

I have these two and the third small almost complete. Anyone suggest any names for these two? I’ll upload an image of the third one next time. They are mixed media with metallic and acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 24inches x 12 inches. The new piece for XrE*al will be 9 feet high and span 18 feet – It will be in pieces but will seem like one piece. I am excited to get started on it. I will keep you updated and do some video.

And now a story: My paintings result from my experiences and my connections to my world around me. But, often, I do not control which experiences or when these experiences will be filtered into my paintings. In other words, when 911 happened, artists around the world were creating in response to the event. It took 4 years for me to creatively process and paint my “911” painting. Several years later I did an installation collaborating with another artist, which became a tribute to 911. I will do a special post on that in September.

“911”, acrylic on canvas, 10ft x 7ft

I paint from my subconscious and it usually determines to some extent the meanings found in my paintings, which may not be revealed to me until nearly finished or even later and sometimes never. My “crossover” paintings dealing with the border wall are an exception to that, and for another post. It is yet to be determined how Covid19 will affect my art. Aside from it being extremely difficult to work, the artwork I am doing currently is still deciding Covid19’s influence. The fear and uncertainty, the changing of a world I thought I could control. My idea of a figure… of reality — it is all shaken, yet I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. — to be continued…

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