artists in quarantine

Many artists and art groups have been trying to come up with virtual art experiences for our fans and collectors.

SO, during COVID19 as we struggle to adapt
and be productive:

  • I have participated in a three artist group discussion with E* (formerly E-artgroup) about the XrE*al world we are living in now — how it is affecting us, art, our art, the art world and our world. In addition we individually uploaded videos about our art that we are making for the exhibit XrE*al which may be a physical exhibition, but will definitely be a virtual exhibition. We discuss our challenges and the world as we are now starting to see it. You can see these videos at:
    The concept for XrE*al was conceived of last fall before the world became so unreal, so incomprehensible. We could not have imagined how appropriate our title would be.
  • I just put up a virtual gallery layout of my exhibition at TAC. Whether you saw it or not it is kind of fun to play with the interactivity. You can try it out here (my experience – some browsers work – chrome does; safari does not):
  • I am working on a movie of the exhibit that will include the colored lighting effects. I’ll certainly let you know when that is available, but until then you can visit my website: and find links to my videos on vimeo with changing colored lighting effects.
virtual exhibition of bert leveille’s “streaming reflections” at TAC Highland Park
  • And, I am using #wcachicago on Instagram when posting along with other Chicago Women’s Caucus artists to bring together what our group is doing during COVID19

I finished the third small piece I wrote about last time.

Guy Clifford came up with a name for the one on the bottom… “Deflection”.
Thank you, Guy!
So, I still need a title for the top two! Any suggestions?


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