“synapse” art installation will be at the Old CourtHouse Arts Center (OCHAC)thru December

The installation is now in the small vault in OCHAC – so it is protected and at the same time expanding/reaching beyond.
Photo by Victoria Senn

My art installations are nothing new to OCHAC. “In To the Ellipse” was in this same small vault in 2014. I created “Listen to Colour – Colour Voyage” in the large vault in 2017. In 2018, “Streaming Reflections” extended from the large vault into the adjacent gallery. A large gallery installation, “the END is the Beginning”, was seen in 2015. Some other smaller installations included BridgEs in 2019 and “Ocular Fracture” in 2020. These were in conjunction with E-artgroup (now E*) exhibitions which I co-curated and facilitated.

“Into the Ellipse” in the small vault at OCHAC
“streaming rEflections” in the large vault at OCHAC
“streaming rEflections” inside the large vault at OCHAC

OCHAC included my installations in “the Sheriff’s House” for the Woodstock Art Walk. One memorable exhibition was a moving tribute to 9/11 held on September 11, 2015 – a collaboration with sculptor Angela Swan and musician Cellmod.

It’s fitting that I returns to the small vault, where I created my first vault art installation, for this final installation. THE ARTS CENTER IS CLOSING at the end of 2020. This is a great loss to the artists and the community. The vision of Beverly Ganschow resulted in a 30 year history offering opportunities to artists – locally, nationally and internationally, and enriching the cultural development of Woodstock. Like so many things, we do not truly appreciate them until we lose them. I am so grateful for the freedom I have had to explore my artistic vision at OCHAC. What a great adventure! And, during this pandemic, I want to thank the gallery directors, Victoria Senn and John Heng for making it possible for me to share my work.

For more info and to watch the movie of the “synapse” collaboration check out:

videos on vimeo:https://vimeo.com/showcase/7795629
and the web page with photos, poems and more:http://www.bertleveille.com/withHexandMay.html
and you can visit our documentation blog at: http://bertleveille.com/wordpress1/

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