synapse – the last day

Today is the last day for the art exhibition “As It Happens”. My installation “synapse” will continue on with an on-line video with the poetry by Annie Hex & Jen May at:
You will also find videos of the process and the collaboration with poets Hex & May at this link.
You can see screenshots of the video below.

And, for more info, statements, links, etc:

I am sad to see this exhibition close. But, maybe even sadder to see the gallery close. Just the memories now. My first exhibition and introduction to the arts center was a group show I was juried into, “Women’s Work”. The reception was during the filming of “Ground Hog Day”. There was fake snow all over the Woodstock Square and on the steps of the Old CourtHouse Arts Center. After the reception we went to El Niagra (still one of our favorite Mexican restaurants – we were familiar with the one in Dundee – we lived in Elgin at the time). We saw Andie MacDowell (and her daughter?) walk in while we were eating and the servers led her to a private room… The beginning of a long relationship with art and artists in Woodstock.

The exhibition is ending, the art center at the Old CourtHouse is closing. Good things coming to an end…
I only wish this pandemic would END.

Enjoy these screenshots and check out the movie – I think you’ll like it. 

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