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What the pandemic did for me.

I really had to focus. Focus on two exhibits (X-rE*al and synapse) which I was totally committed to. So, I had to rely on others to install them – thank you Vicki Senn and John Heng, and even more disappointing, I was not able to enter the building to view them. Now, this was somewhat self-imposed. I have been extremely self-quarantined. When your big date for the week is ordering groceries on-line and having them put them in your car for you …

I am starting to feel comfortable around other people who are vaccinated, but I do not want to sit in a restaurant or stay in doors anywhere for more than a few minutes.

I also had to examine where I wanted to go with my art and how did I want to share it. Some of you may have already checked out the on-line presentations. But, this entire experience has given me the desire to do more on-line. I am honing my skills in animation and you will be seeing some of that soon. But, I also want to do more projections onto WATERFALLS. Yep, waterfalls. So, as my plans evolve, I will update you. Right now I am in the research and development phase. But, here are a couple of concept images.

The project is called “Waterfall Portals”. I will be searching out waterfalls, incorporating them into my art, and projecting the art onto waterfalls.

Why waterfalls?

“I believe awakening consciousness has healing power – not dissimilar to the power of water. A steady drip can create a canyon. One person’s awakening can send a stream of enlightenment into the Universe. Both are vital. We search the universe for water and for consciousness. Projecting my images onto waterfalls connects these universal figures to water and to us, creating portals to the universe – to consciousness.” 

So, imagine the sound of rushing water cascading over the edge and pounding the earth below; mindful beings, not necessarily human – no specific gender, nationality, race or age, emerge from inside the waterfall and enter portals. White noise is a backdrop for colorful visuals vacillating from illusive abstractions to vibrant figurative forms.

As you may have noticed, light plays a significant role in my installations. My focus, however, is first on the painting and then the light and its effects as an added medium. I have used smoke, video, animation, 3D elements, sound and now waterfalls. Waterfalls are new canvases, new textures!

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