The middle of the art project

pencil sketch of silver detail position on 3 panels
silver details added
adding color
test hanging
The vault is 7′ deep (side walls) x 5′ 10″ wide (back wall) x 7′ 6″ high (ceiling).
The canvases are 7′ high x 6′ wide.
I have simulated the vault shape in my studio which has a ceiling height the same as the vault.

The original concept included a structure in the center of the vault, but it adds a level of unnecessary complexity and structure (this is not what the final 3D piece would look like, but I can tell already it will not work for this installation).
The vault actually serves as a cube-like structure – circular elements hanging from the ceiling will work better than from the 3D piece.
Often doing an installation requires flexibility and change – not unlike the pandemic!
Testing the lighting – this is just a quick test to help determine final detail painting and decide if the lights will be synced or random

So I am coming into the final stages of the art for this poet/artist collaboration –
I have:

  • almost completed the 3 paintings that will be on the walls of the vault
  • refined the concept for the structure / 3D piece – it will no longer be a stand alone cube-like structure with circles hanging from it, but the circles will hang from the ceiling
  • begun testing lighting

My next steps are:

  • create the 3-D art
  • finalize the painting
  • do further lighting testing
  • order a piece of clear plexiglass to install on the vault door as a barrier – visitors will not be allowed in the vault for conceptual as well as practical reasons:
    1. the space is small and not well ventilated so virus could build up
    2. the small space might be impractical to move around in and the light bars could be tripped on
    3. the installation will be one that will be observed not walked into although the viewer may want to – the unavailability of the space may make it more desirable OR easier to walk by

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